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    • Extra information plz share or tips..!
    • I have completed few small treks in Malaysia and interested in himalayan treks. While i was checking some treks mostly on difficulty and safety wise as i am not a pro yet, i saw EBC to be markes as safe trek. Anyone  who has done this can share some insights ?
    • Hi, This is going to be my first time trek. I am planning to going on the month of June.  My fitness level is i can comfortably run 5KM in 40 min, i am sure i can bring it to 30 -35 min by June.  Could you please suggest me a good trek to start with. 
    • Hi Saravanan,   I was a part of stargazing trek conducted by Indiahikes to Phulara Ridge.   I am always fascinated by the night sky and when I saw Indiahikes is conducting a Stargazing trek for the first time, I couldn't resist. I had minimum knowledge about night sky yet had only minimum expectations. But again this was an experience that cannot be put into words.   The Bhoj Gadi campsite in Phulara Ridge was a near perfect campsite with minimal treeline and almost 180° view of the night sky. Almost everything we can see with naked eyes in night sky was visible from here. First thing we saw in the night sky from campsite was the milkyway and seeing milkyway for the first time was a magical moment. We also had real fun figuring out the constellations. And we were given this task to make our own constellations by connecting random stars and to give a story to it. That was really interesting. We did see lot of things through the binoculars as well including the Andromeda galaxy and Orion nebula, Various planets and twin stars in the Big Dipper. And the number of shooting stars we saw at that night!! Mesmerizing it was! That alone made the trek the best experience I had with stargazing as we all suffer with lot of light pollution in the cities.   That being said, there is lot of room for improvement. I know it's difficult to carry telescopes to the mountain peak but if it was there it would have been great. We did gain lots of knowledge while trekking but it can be improved. More lessons and more activities can make it all way more interesting.   If you passionate about stargazing you can resist the freezing cold. Otherwise you are gonna have a tough time watching sky in the midnight. But it can be managed if you are properly layered.   But this is such an exciting initiative by Indiahikes to start a stargazing trek and I cannot wait to come back to the same and see what they have brought in addition. I know that Indiahikes is very professional while conducting these special treks and they will improve from their learnings. This time I came alone but will definitely be back with my sky enthusiastic sibling and friends.  
    • You may. Just hide it in case it is not allowed.
    • Depends on what your knee condition is. If you have found knee caps to be useful when walking then definitely they will help during this trek!
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