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How safe is the trekking shoes (MH100) which is used for 4-5 Himalayan treks since 2020, so sign of tear in the shoe and condition of shoe is good

Amit Bahreja

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I have a pair of MH100 shoes which I bought in April 2020 and post that it has done around 4-5 treks. The shoe condition is good, there is no wear and tear on the sole or any other part of shoe. So is it safe to do couple of more treks with this as there can be risk of shoe getting torn in between of the trek which can create quite a difficult situation.

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Hey Amit, A lot depends on the physical condition of the shoes. I have been using this shoe for almost 3 years with multiple treks and its running in a good condition. If you see deep cracks at the bottom of the sole or around at the sides better get it repaired/rent one. Else it is fine to be used.

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