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I will be undertaking DAFEYBIR pass trekk in Sikkim this November. Our route will be from Uttarey -chiwa-gairi-dhoor-pahari meghu-lampokri-dafeybir-nayapatal- road head for Pelling . I want to know about the toughness of this route . Thanks and cheers.

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Hi R K, there is a trek guide by Indiahikes about Dafeybhir Pass that follows the exact same itinerary that you want to follow. Here's the link: Dafeybhir Pass - Trek to Sikkim's Best Kept Secret (indiahikes.com)

It has all the information you'll need to do about the trek.

In brief, Dafeybhir Pass is a difficult trek that needs extreme physical fitness. There are relentless ascents right from Day 1, all the way to Dafeybhir Pass. Post that, it is an almost 6,000 ft descent to the roadhead at Senkhola. Remember, you'll gain almost 9,000 ft and lose 9,500 ft over 8 days.

My suggestion is to take is slow and stick to the itinerary mentioned so that you do not risk altitude sickness. The region, the weather, the terrain, all call for altitude sickness. I'd also suggest going on a preventive course of Diamox two days before you start your trek: How To Prevent Altitude Sickness (AMS), HAPE and HACE (indiahikes.com)

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the information.. we will be skipping the part from chitrey to chiwa as will be taking vehicle from Uttarey to chiwa directly. I was really anxious to know about the rest part which i got from the link you shared . Thanks Goutam ji for helping me out and India Hikes as always for starting such a lovely community over here . Cheers and thanks again. 

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