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Medical Issue for Dayara Bugyal Trek


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Hello Trekkers, 

I am 63 years old Retd Army Officer from the Infantry (Gorkha Regt). I have served many tenures in extreme High Altitudes, but post 2000, I have had mainly a desk job. I am mildly Hypertensive, which is adequately under full control by medication (BP is now 120/80)...  A small issue of age related Lumbar Spondylosis is there which comes and goes. Actively still play Tennis, Badminton and Golf as well as walking. I am keen to go on the Dayara Bugyal Trek in December...    The Trek is for basic beginners as far as my knowledge goes...

Shall I take the chance?? I may have to discard my Haversack to the Mules... But that is OK by me. I have my 27 Yr old son and wife also accompanying me.  

Your advice is solicited please

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7 hours ago, Mandy said:

Thank you, Ila.  I am commenced training very carefully. I hope to reach a level of fitness by 18 Nov. Besides, I have to undergo a TMT (Tread Mill Test) too, being over 58 yrs. Best wishes. Thanks for your Reply. 

All the best!

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