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Search for guide for English tourists wanting to trek in the Coorg hills


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We are two older but reasonably fit English walkers who would like to do two or three private one-day treks in the Coorg hills. We do not know the protocols for trekking in India - eg rights of way - so would like to have a guide to lead us. The hotel has not been able to help so maybe someone in the IndiaHikes community may have a suggestion. Many thanks...

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Hi DrQ

It is great to hear that you both are looking for a few treks in Coorg. 

I don't have any information of a guide who can take you trekking. 
Not sure if there are any private companies who would do a private trek as well. 

However, I can share information of treks that can be done on your own.

You best option would be going on the trek of Tadiandamol - https://indiahikes.com/tadiandamol-trek
The procedure and process is very straight forward and you don't really need help from a guide or local companies.

A slightly more complex trek would be Nishani Motte - https://indiahikes.com/nishani-motte-trek
For this trek, you would have to inform the forest department of Bhagamandala one day prior and go early the next morning to get permission. 
It also depends if a forest guard is available or not. 

There is another trek which I really love. It is called as the Kopatty trek - https://indiahikes.com/kopatty-trek
However, recently we came to know that this trek might be banned from trekking due to spotting of wild animals or because of Covid.
Unfortunately, the protocols of trekking in India are not put down well enough. It is still a growing sport. 

If I were you, I would start with Tadiandamol trek and then think of the other options. 
Hope this helps.

Do share your experience on how it goes! 🙂

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Thanks very much for the suggestions. I've looked at those treks and they look stunning. We won't have a car but I guess it's straightforward to get a car and driver at least to take us to the start. We'll be in Coorg at Diwali and some days after so I'll report back how we get on. Regards...

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