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Want to trek for two months on my own.

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I have retired, and I'd like to travel and trek a bit. Instead of running on a treadmill and feeling like a rat, I thought I'd train myself slowly and steadily carrying my own backpack, so that I can gain some confidence. I'm no stranger to trekking and I am reasonably fit, but age "isn't just a number".   I want to pace myself, and while I can handle the beginner IH hikes, I am not so confident doing it with my backpack. 

So, I figured that instead of registering for a short hike duration, I'll take my own time, set up my own route that has enough supply points and help along the way. The Annapurna Base Camp trek comes to mind, and instead of the usual 10 days, I thought I'll do it over two months (or whatever it takes).  I am assuming I'll get some guide or group or the other at different points, so I won't be alone in case of an emergency. Now for my questions.

  1. I heard that the trail is now full of steps, and so is much harder on the knees than it used to be.  
  2. Are there places to stay at say, 10 km intervals? I don't mind camping at all, but I wouldn't want to lug that too if I can help it.
  3. Are there other similar treks that are beautiful and that one can train and trek over a period of two months?

At the end of this exercise, I'd like to be in a position (mentally) to join IH for moderate treks . Awaiting your input eagerly. Thank you.

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Hi  Sriram,

It’s great to know that you are planning to Trek the Annapurna Base Camp

To answer your first question, yes steps are much harder on the knees, especially during ascending

For the second question, there are tea houses present along the trail and you can definitely stay there and trek the trail in 2months.

Sandakphu is another trek that is beautiful and can be done DIY style. 


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