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Query on the Bodpathri Lakes Trek

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What I liked

As the name suggests, it's famous for its beautiful lakes. Moreover the meadows you'll see are also gorgeous. If you like boulders then there are uncountable boulder sections. Ever your base camp will be on a huge meadow in Doodhpathri. The landscape in Kashmir is different from uttarakhand and Himachal. Less popular than Tarsar Marsar so there won't be a lot of trekkers. We were the 2nd group of indiahikes who trekked there but still we found some local trekkers and one local trekking organisation (in July 2022). I don't know the situation right now.

What I didn't like

 It's not secluded. Through out the trek, you'll find shepherds and their sheeps grazing. If you're looking for mountain views then this one is not the trek you're looking for. You'll get bored of the boulder sections because there are uncountable but initially it's fun.


It's difficult because it's long everyday and you'll gain and loose altitude almost everyday. The boulders also make it very difficult. And please, please, don't forget your poncho.

Enjoy your trek.










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@Priyatosh Negi Thank you very much for your response. How would you rate your overall experience of being on this trek compared to the adventures you have had in your previous ones? Actually, I was indeed expecting some good mountain views, with lakes and some dramatic scenery. But I suppose having many boulder sections could be a different experience too. Initially, I was willing to go on KGL or Tarsar Marsar; however, learning about this newly opened route spiked my interest, and I ended up selecting it as my first trek to Kashmir.

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