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Best time to do Buran Ghati Trek in Summer

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Hi Raj

Summer is a coveted season to do the Buran Ghati trek because the Buran Pass itself is a dramatic wall of ice in June. So, you get to rappel down an ice wall while crossing the famed pass. That is a major attraction. One that makes many adventure seekers choose the Buran Ghati trek in summer.

To give you a picture of how it looks in this season — imagine vast snowfields starting from Dhunda till the pass.

Then, you rappel down from the top of the pass for about a 150 m section. Even after crossing the pass, you trek in snow for around an hour. Multiple snow slides will have you squeaking with almost childish delight.

This snow starts melting in the latter part of June. So, while there will be snow close to the pass, it may not be enough to offer you big slides.

The colour of the trail also starts changing shades of white to greens and yellows as you move from May to June. Wildflowers start blooming on the meadows and around the campsites. The grasslands turn a bright shade of green interspersed with bright yellow flowers.

It is truly a colourful experience with the forests, grasslands, and flowers coming to life after months of winter.



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