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Waterproof Socks


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ive been searching for waterproof socks all around but cant find anything that wont put a hole in my pocket. the ones i saw on indiahikes website a while ago are no longer in stock. after looking on amazon i found some but they all cost upwards of 5k rupees for a single pair. Does anyone have any link for good budget waterproof socks?

i'll be going for the Brahmatal  Trek on 29th Jan. 2023. i found warm wool socks on decathlon.com that can be used in the snow according to the description. so i am confused if waterproof socks are absolutely necessary or if i can make do with quechua warm wool socks. 

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Hi Sahil

I'd suggest writing to store@indiahikes.com regarding your size and requirement for your waterproof socks. If there are a couple of pairs left, you might get lucky.

I wouldn't recommend wearing woollen socks on the trek because they will not repel water when you have to trek in extreme snow or wet conditions. It is best to wear synthetic socks that dry up quickly when they get wet. Woollen socks are best used inside the tent to keep your feet warm.

I hope this helps.

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