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Khopra Ridge trek 14th april


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Hello, I hv registered for Khopra Ridge 14th april batch, a) pls reco when should I reach Kathmandu ? And when should I catch my flight from Kathmandu for return travel.... b) is there any direct flight to Pokha from India ? c) what's recommend travel route from Kathmandu to Pokhra I.e. bus, taxi, flight d) does IH arranges cabs/bus from and to Kathmandu ? e) any specific points/ suggestions on this trek ?


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Hi Vinayak. I have registered for the Khopra Ridge trek (1st - 14th April batch). Right now I have only booked my flight tickets to Kathmandu from Delhi and back.

ONWARD JOURNEY: Since my Trek date is 1st April  -  According to the website I am expected to reach the hotel by 4 pm at Pokhara. So I have booked my flight from Delhi to Kathmandu on the 31st. (a day prior, day 0 )

RETURN JOURNEY   I have given an extra buffer day.  According to plan, 9th evening is when we are back to Pokhara. I have booked my return journey from Kathmandu on the 11th.

According to my research, no direct flight to Pokhara from India. All flights are via Kathmandu

I'm just waiting for the group whatsapp link so that I can plan my travel to Pokhara with the others. I think IH adds you to the whatsapp group 2 months before the start date of the trek. 

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