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Buy/Sell Gears on Indiahikes Community Forum


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Can we have a buy/sell forum on the IH communities forum?

This will allow new trekkers to buy used (in many cases with low usage) gear at cheaper prices. And if someone wants to upgrade his/her gear, he can do so by selling off his/her older gear and thus making it more sustainable. Thoughts?

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  • sachinayak changed the title to Buy/Sell Forum on Indiahikes communities

Hi Sachinayak

Yes, definitely. 
You can use this same space inside the forum for this. 

We have always believed in this philosophy of making the trekking gears cheap and easily accessible for trekking.
It also gives more choice for trekkers. One of the reasons why we have rentals at Indiahikes - https://store.indiahikes.com/

I also agree to your point of making it more sustainable. Otherwise trekkers end up buying gear all the time. 

Feel free to use this space for selling or buying gears from other trekkers inside the community. 

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  • SuhasSaya changed the title to Buy/Sell Gears on Indiahikes Community Forum

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