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Which trek to go next

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Hello Senifa 

So glad to know that you are planning for a trek.

Goechala and Tarsar Marsar are dream treks for many and having said that, both are in different regions with different landscape and different difficulty level.

To name a few one of the biggest highlights of the Goechala trek is the sunrise scene on the Kanchenjunga range. Even though trekkers are not allowed to the actual Goecha Pass, the view from ViewPoint 1 and Dzongri is worth an arm and a leg!

Where as, Tarsar Marsar is arguably the prettiest trek in India. This is a title we do not give treks lightly. Especially when its formidable sister trek, Kashmir Great Lakes, is in the picture.However, Tarsar Marsar is a trek where alpine lakes take a life of their own. It is not just the fact that you get to camp beside these royal blue, snow-fed lakes (you don’t get this camping chance even at KGL). Or the secluded nature of these campsites (a Godsend in today’s trekking scenario!).You get to circumvent the entire perimeter of Tarsar and Sundersar, offering you multiple perspectives of the very same lake!

Sharing a link fir both the treks, I hope this will help you decide which one to go for. 

Tarsar Marsar : https://youtu.be/wu6H_gMKjmI


Goechala https://youtu.be/GkNYncT9qDY 

On the other hand you can choose to do both 😉 Tarsar Marsar runs from July to September and Goechala from October.




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