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Chandrakhani pass trek

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Heyy. I did the Chandrakhani Pass trek last week and it was lovely! The trek starts from Rumsu village (or Malana village if you start from the other side. I would personally recommend Rumsu as the starting point though).

If you are starting from Manali then catch a bus to Naggar. Most buses between Kullu and Manali touch Naggar. If not Nagger then you can get down at Patlikuhal and from there take a taxi to Nagger and from Naggar take a taxi to Rumsu Village. Patlikuhal to Nagger should cost you ₹200 (₹10 if you take a bus) and Nagger to Rumsu will cost ₹250 (also depends on your bargaining prowess).

The trek can be done in 2-4 days depends on your fitness and how much time you have. It is mostly a continuous ascent from Rumsu to the Pass and the forest is lovely. Lot of pine, spruce, oak, maple, walnut and as you reach the pass there is a section of Rhododendron forest too. If you are doing the trek in 2 days then the first day you can camp at Chakknaali which is just before the Pass.

After the pass there are 2 routes to descend. I would strongly recommend you take the longer route because the shorter one is too steep and tricky.

Complete the trek at Malana Village. This place has a bunch of cafés where you can stay. But be careful, Malana is (in)famous for its supply of certain plants which can be rolled and smoked. From the cafe you will have to trek for atleast an hour to reach Malana Gate from where you will get taxis (sharing or otherwise) to Jarri and from there to Bhuntar and then to Kullu or Manali.

Chandrakhani Pass is a Summer - Monsoon trek so the best time to do it would be from May to September. When I did the trek in October there was snow at the summit and that made it challenging.

All the best and hope you have a good trek!

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Hi Ramon

I have two questions for you:

1. You said there are two routes to descend. Where does the other route end? Does it end at Malana village as well? How much longer is the second route over the first. Is there any camping spot on the second route?

2.  Is it possible to go to the Chandrakhani Pass and get off the pass on the same Manali Nagar highway at some other location?


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Hi Sir,

1. Yes, the alternate route also ends at Malana only. Not sure how much longer it is but yes, there is a campsite in this route.

2. From what we saw and from our research, there is only one trail from Naggar to the Pass. So if you are returning to Naggar without crossing the pass then you will have to come back the same way.

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