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8 best photos from Feb 2023 photo contest - Have you participated yet?

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Hi everyone 👋🏽

Since we have a separate section on this forum exclusively for the photo contest, I thought let me start a conversation by sharing some of the best photos we have received so far in this month's photo contest.

The theme for this month is Colours On A Trek

Through this month's contest, we are fishing for some photos of the colorful side of the mountains you have seen, photos of flowers, green meadows, forests, flowers, bird life, animals, sunsets, alpenglow on a mountain peak, or a mix of all of these elements.

And I have to admit we have received some amazing photos as entries for this month. Out of which I am sharing 8 of the best ones below. Let us know what you think of the photos 🙂









Photo credits:

1. Apurva Ulabhaje

2. Vishal Pawar

3. Amaan Raja

4. Sushil Gowardhan

5. Shorav Sharma

6. Sagar Lanke

7. Kedar Narwadkar

8. Rohit Sanghani

If you want to know more about Feb 2023 Photo Contest or if you want to participate in the contest, click here


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23 hours ago, Latika said:

Wow! The colours are brilliant! Are there any technical details we need to keep in mind while submitting photos for the contest? Would love to have some insights from previous photo contest winners.

Hi Latika, with regard to the technical requirements for the photo contest, we do look into the technicalities while selecting the best photos. For eg: Framing of the subject, Rule of Thirds, Lighting, composition, etc. 

Having said that, technical requirements are not the only criteria in the selection process. We also want to see the trekker's perspective of the trek, the story that the trekker is trying to tell, how visually captivating the photo is, etc.

Hope this answers your question 🙂

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