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Special Treks with Indiahikes

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We have been announcing a series of "special" treks. You may have noticed the ones on stargazing and photography. Then we announced special groups for seniors and only women's group. A unique bird-watching trek and a green trails group are coming up next in the month of March and April.

Meanwhile, seniors' groups are in April, May, and June.

Here is the list of all special treks is here: https://indiahikes.com/blog/all-special-treks

Why are we doing this?

At Indiahikes, we believe everyone must trek. We want treks to have an impact on everyone. Here, special treks go one step further. They help you look at a trek in a whole different light.

For example, trekkers on our stargazing trek did not imagine that they could see the universe the way it is. They saw distant galaxies, a behind-the-scenes peek at our constellations, our planets, and the stars around us.

On our photography treks, people learned the finer aspects of composition, handling light, and telling a story.

Arjun Majumdar, founder and CEO of Indiahikes, shares this story:

“Once, I did a trek with a fellow trekker. He was an avid photographer and a nature lover. Through his lens, he showed me birds in foliage that I never knew existed. He took me on a magical journey through the Milky Way at night. Throughout the trek, he continued to show me things about the natural world I did not know. It left me thinking very deeply after the trek.”

When we say everyone must trek, we want to show people how special the world around us is and why it is increasingly important for us to discover and connect with this world. I fear this world may be lost soon. I want our special treks to help people connect to our world more deeply.”

Our special treks have been very successful. Unfortunately, we can only open a few of these treks each year. If you find a special trek or group that suits you, grab the opportunity to sign up for it quickly.

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