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Kedarkantha trek slots for May 2023

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I'm interested in trekking the kedarkantha trail with India Hikes.
I have read through the entire page on kedarkantha on the  website, and i must say the level of detail available is amazing, itinerary, travel options, what to carry, etc.
I was looking at the available dates so that I can book a trek but it looks like there are no available dates on May.
I dont see slots available between april 30th and 3rd november.
Could you please let me know if there will be slots for May which would open up?
Divyakrishna C
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Hi Divyakrishna

We do not have any groups in the month of May for Kedarkantha trek. 

May is the beginning of our Summer season when a lot of new high-altitude treks open up. 

Instead of Kedarkantha, I can suggest the trek of Phulara Ridge - https://indiahikes.com/phulara-ridge-trek
This trek starts from the same base camp of Kotgaon and you can see the summit of Kedarkantha. 
In fact, you get to see all the mountain views and even for a longer duration when trekking on this ridge. 

Go through this trek 🙂

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