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Mount Japfu - Switzerland of East

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Last year in the month of September I was exploring the north eastern states of India. During that exploration, when I reached Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, I got to know about this amazing trek knows as Mount Japfu. It is the second highest peak in Nagaland after Mount Saramati.  I went on this trek with a guy Imli whom I met in the bus while coming to Kohima.  We started our trek early in the morning around 5 AM from Jotsoma. We  carried a Dao (a sharp tribal weapon) for self protection and also a packet of salt, as we were going to go through a wild life sanctuary. There was this instance during our trek when we cane across a big Mithoon (Wild Ox),and we got so scared that we climbed a tree  to save ourselves. The trail was full of blood thirsty leaches but carrying a packet of salt helped. 
The trek offered a varity of flaura and fauna. There is this jungle section which felt like we were trekking through Pandora.Near the summit there were two thrilling rock climbing sections which were the highlights of our trek. View at the summit was spellbunding. On our left we could see the beautiful Dzüko Valley and on our right we were looking at eagles swimming in the ocean of clouds. Imli had his exam next day so we had to return same day. 
While coming back Imli also showed me hunters' cave and the world's highest rododandron tree. 
So if you are a trekking enthusiast and planning to visit Nagaland, I would highly recommend, you go for this trek. 

Happy trails.

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