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A heavenly trek in the midst of lush green tea fields of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
We are so lucky to be living in India a country so diverse in nature. Yes, of course the Himalayan Treks are the most preferred ones but you would be surprised to know that there are many other beautiful trails in diverse landscapes. One of such most desired locations to explore for trekking is the Tea Estates in India. 
I was delighted and fortunate to have experienced such treks and trails hidden in tea estates of our country. I had this luxury as I was working as an Assistant Manager in a Tea Estate called “ParkSide Tea Estate” in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. I was told that this trek was open for general public earlier but now the owner has restricted it as people used to spoil and harm the tea bushes in the field resulting in lesser yield for them. The situation now is however a changed one as many of the tea estates to increase their revenue have started to open treks as it proves to be a good alternate source of income for them. 
So, now i would love to take you through my experience about this trek. Imagine walking on a trail where clouds are right above your head and appears to be so close as if you can touch them. Those clouds white in colour and so dense that they appears as a froth above the lush green fields. Occasional mist rising up the hills will make you actually walk through the clouds. You will  be frequently experiencing the clouds touching your face as you walk. 
You would be delighted to have a look on the highlights which this trek has to offer. Following are some of them –

•    Walking through the Tea Fields

Tea fields are such a desiring place to be in that once you witness them right in front of you, i bet you will be suddenly feeling happy and delighted. Just enjoy walking through them and try to smell and feel the leaves even. You will love it. It is fascinating to experience that there will be bushes ageing equally to or even more than our grand parents. 
Let me also tell you that you can easily notice the difference between the old bushes and the bushes planted recently. The old bushes will be darker in colour and the newer one will be light in colour.

•    Thick Clouds forming a froth
Believe me its breath-taking to watch these white dense clouds right in front of you. They will seem to be so close to you that you will feel like touching them. They will just behave as they are the nature’s froth in a glass of green tea. 

•    Having a Tea break right at its source

Who would not like to treat them with a hot cup of tea in winters and that too right from the place it is grown. Please go ahead and enjoy this experience to the fullest. I am sure you would never forget the freshly made cup of tea which you just had. 

•    Dense Oak, Acacia & Eucalyptus Forest
While walking between the tea fields, you will come across dense forest patches of Oak and Eucalyptus trees. Try to notice their shape, size, the type of leaves on them and also the birds to whom they home to. This is a great patch for a bird-lover to experience.

•    Experiencing the wildlife adventure

Animals like Bison(Indian Gaurs), Eagles, Deer, Jungle Fowls adds up to the overall experience of the trek. I would want you to be careful and maintain safe distance with any creature to enjoy this experience without harming yourself. I am sure they would not harm you if you do not disturb them as for a fact even they are afraid of humans.

•    View from the Summit
This is the climax of the trek as the view one sees and the way one feels is out of this world kind of experience. I would say nothing but to tell you to just try to be silent and take in that transforming feeling for life. 

I would really hope that treks in tea estates like these should be given a go ahead and encouraged. The heavenly experience which I felt. I would also like all of you to feel that. As of now, as it is not open for everyone not all can sign up for that. However if one has their known ones working in the Tea Estate, only then you could have access to treks like these as of now.  











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