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Recently I went on a trek called Triund in Himachal, mcleodganj. in the month of january. The weather was cold and snowy. There are two routes which take you to the Triund top one is Gallu temple route, which is long and easy to do. And another one is Bhagsu waterfall route where the terrain is little steep and some patches look little scary. You will get to see the Bhagsu waterfall and the Bhagsu nag Temple. But apart from all the difficulties Triund trek gives you a very nice view of snow covered mountains, Clear sky. 


You can start your trek by 9am in the morning, it takes maximum 5 hours to reach the top. You get several campsites on the top where you can go directly and talk to the people for night stay. On the top you can see the wide view of mighty snow covered Dhauladhar range, and a 360 view of Kangra. You will get to see Moon peak which is the tallest peak of Kangra, it has an elevation of (4650 metres). You get to see the best sunset ever from the top. As the sun goes down the colour of the sky keep changing from orange to pink, red and purple. At night it becomes very cold, the temperature goes down to subzero. That time you can just sit by yourself and enjoy the power and majesty of nature. In the morning after having breakfast. you can start descending and say bye to the mighty dhauladhar range. 

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