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Goecha La in Autumn


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Recently led a trek to Goecha La and got wonderful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

For wonderful view of big mountains, for the expirience of trekking in nepal kind region, north east bio diversity,  autumn colour and to challenge your self . I recommend this trek.

This trek holds strong history and culture which makes it more impact full. 

The attached picture is a View of Mt. Kanchenjunga at sunrise time which is just 6 mile away from you in distance. Now you can imagine how close you are to this world's 3rd highest mountain. 

Let others know your best memories of Goecha La and if you haven't been here what excites you more about this trek??


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Dzongri to Thansing... gave such creepy vibes and view changes every few hours.. it may be the reddish brown short leaves.. short bushes.. the sweet smell with pungent undertone.. rounded grey rocks with patches of black moss .. dry grass with reddish and yellowish patches...  and then I was awestruck to see the view of mt pandim  at a distance through the meadow.. along with the valley.. directing you inside the valley to reach Thansing. and then suddenly it changes to the rocks with the river flowing.. and then comes the most beautiful mossy forest. and  reddish brown bushes without much grass.. And then finally, you reach the grand "cradle-like" view Thansing  

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