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Trek Report: A brief recap of my solo trekking adventure to Mardi Himal in Nepal

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I was not sure where to post a trek report. Found a thread for Indiahikes Trek experience, and a forum for Trek Leader's recap of their treks, but didnt find something where I could post. Hence starting a new thread. Admins, please move this as appropriate.

This blog is a recap of my solo trekking adventure to the Mardi Himal Trail in Nepal (off Pokhara). With new guidelines likely to set in from April 1, 2023 trekking solo in Nepal may be restricted only to the Everest region, but as of now it is difficult to confirm the same. Need to wait and watch. Nevertheless, this covers my itinirary, day-by-day trail progress updates, pictures and information around logistics (visa, currency, phone, expenses etc) that may help someone wanting to plan this trek.

The blog is available here - https://thoughtsinflight.wordpress.com/2023/03/20/solo-trek-to-mardi-himal-nepal-trek-report-and-all-details/

All pics in the blog are from my mobile phone and mostly unprocessed. Some processed pics shared below. If there are any questions please do post either here or in my blog comment's section and I will try best to answer based on my limited knowledge.













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