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Ideal treks for stargazing.

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I would say it is more important that when you are going on a trek for star gazing. 

1. Autumn season is the best time for start gazing because it can provide you the most clear sky.

2. You can plan your trek during no moon night that's the best time for star gazing as well as to spot milky way. 

Now all those trek which can offer you a vide spread view of sky is best for star gazing. 

Like Goumukh Tapovan,  Rupin pass, Buran Ghati,  Kashmir Great lakes,  Goecha la. Theses are the treks where I have spotted the best night sky so far.

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11 hours ago, Rutuja said:

Which treks are ideal for stargazing where we able to witness starry night skies?

Hi Rutuja

Are you planning to go for a Himalayan trek?
If so, then we have put together a list of campsites which are good for stargazing - https://indiahikes.com/stargazing-in-the-himalayas

We are also planning for a group separately for stargazing enthusiasts.
You will soon get to hear from us about this trek and the date for this special group.

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