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Trekking with Gastro-Intestinal issue

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Hello guys,

Epiphany has struck late in my youth and youth has somewhat started fading a bit, the pace of which I am attempting to slow down with Morning walks, Yoga and Cycling.

I plan to go on my first trek this Autumn, but I am a bit concerned about the gastrointestinal issues that I have developed over years of primarily sedentary lifestyle. I have even developed anal fissure that I have to attend to every now and then. While I expect this condition to have eased out by the time I go on my first trek, I want to know if it is advisable to go on a trek with this kind of a chronic condition. Do you know of others with similar conditions going on treks without much hurdles? Since I am a complete beginner, pardon me as I ask if there is a way to ensure plentiful availability of drinking water and dietary fiber during trekking adventures. 

Being able to go on treks means a lot to me. So, assistance is greatly appreciated.

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