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Which are the best winter treks for beginners?


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Kedarkantha, Brahmatal and Dayara Bugyal are the obvious top 3 choices for winter among popular treks for beginners. But it is better to consider few things before deciding which trek to do and when to do it. (Also, Deoriatal-Chandrasheela is good but if possible keep it for March-April season if you are a bird enthusiast)

1. If you are looking to experience fresh snowfall then chances are higher December 15-20 onwards. Depends on Western Disturbance, which bring heavy snow fall on particular days of that month. On other days you may get light or moderate level of rain/snow. But depends on weather and little bit of luck, can never guarantee that you will get snow fall in Christmas/New year weekend.

2. If you are looking for a trek which has a summit feel (Top of the mountain) then Kedarkantha is the best bet. Dayara Bugyal has beautiful meadows. Brahamatal has a lake (most likely frozen). It depends on your preference. 

3. Most people trek from December 15th to Jan 5th. During these times you get crazy number of people on treks, while I understand getting leaves on those days is easier but if possible avoid those dates. Kedarkantha and Brahmatal probably gets more than 1000 trekkers a day at summit during Christmas/New year weekend.

4. While pictures of snow and snowfall look good and the distance covered each day on these treks are not that long but they do not come by easy. Apart from fitness, the weather also becomes a challenge in winter season. Trekking in non-snow season is comparitively easy. In snow season sometimes you have to be the team which clears the route after a fresh snowfall and that involves walking in lot of fresh/soft snow which is never easy. Also if it snows heavily you might have to wake up at night to avoid accumulation of snow over your tent. Temperatures also go below 0 at night on most days if not all in Winter season. Doing even smallest of the task seems difficult at times, like changing your outfits, washing your utensils or brushing your teeth. While some of these things happens rarely but do keep in mind. Better to be prepared not just for the great views but also the harsh reality(weather) that may come with it. Either way  the difficulty you will face won't look that big after the trek, the views will make it up for all of it and it will be worth it.

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Can you guys suggest any moderate to difficult hikes in Himalayas for this Winter season?
(Most of the hikes currently running in IndiaHikes are easy to moderate. I am looking for something little more challenging)

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