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I really want to do trekking but unable to get the fitness regime set

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Hi All,

I am a passionate traveller, but have never been really into trekking. I have always wanted to do trekking but due to the kind of fitness expected, I always fear going on a trek. I am neither overweight nor have any health issues,  but I am not into a regular fitness regime. Can I still try trekking ?

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You can, of course, try trekking and positively sign up for a trek to get that added motivation to get into a fitness routine. Since you mentioned that you have maintained good health, following a particular regime will be much easier. Most treks (excluding the high-difficulty ones) can be done with regular fitness, with 5-6 weeks of active routine leading up to the trek. Start by simply running for 10-15 minutes daily, with walking breaks whenever required. Focus on core-strengthening and lower-body exercises (sit-ups, leg-ups, Russian twists, squats, jumping jacks, etc.). Check out the C25k running routine too. Challenging yourself with small goals daily goes a long way in this aspect. Don't be disheartened if some days you feel sluggish; a better day will follow soon.

About the treks, start with easy to moderate treks, such as Hampta Pass, Deoriatal-Chandrashila, Dayara Bugyal, etc. which are some of the perfect trails to make you fall in love with trekking and also not throw you off with difficult sections in your first trek. Don't think, just go for it!


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