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Ranthan Kharak or Har Ki Dun

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Hi Jainil! I've done both treks and must say it's a tough choice! While Har ki dun is one of the oldest treks in our country yet it is so underrated and pristine! I loved the fact that this trek was longer than the usual Himalayan treks. I enjoyed those long walks in the forests and the extended climb to the Har Ki Dun Valley which almost takes the whole day. Also, the biggest highlight for me was looking at Mt. Swargarohini! Oh, what a delightful site! 

On the other hand, Ranthan Kharak was a trek which has been recently explored! So you have a really huge advantage of exploring a side of Kumaon which is still so untouched. The trek is still in such a raw form.  Also a very different take on meadows! Because here you have clearings but not like the usual ones. The clearings are so picture-perfect and vast! That's why they are called Kharaks I assume. And the summit climb of Ranthan Kharak feels like one hell of a summit climb! In fact, the summit was quite unique for me. I've never seen a summit which is so spread out. You walk on the ridge and walk till the end of it. But you have the undisturbed summit views from the start of the ridge itself! 

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