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Did you miss to go to this place?

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How i wish you were here! 


After saying good bye to my 1st April Dayara Bugyal Trek mates I decide that I have to walk back to the base camp. Motion sickness in me said go for it , the road head descends to Bhatwari and ascends to Raithal in 60 minutes we could be at base camp by walking in same time if fast even lesser. I definitely want to go this path so I asked my team mates to leave with equipments and me along with Ritik started from Barsu towards Raithal.


Not all Trails lead you home

Gotta cover 4 and half kms. Equal ascend and descend. 



An easy climb and a proper trail, one can follow the eroded trail of water and reach the top easily, After a rapid ascend the the climb gradually turned flat. 


The only shadow I wanna live  under

While climbing I noticed that I was focused on looking at the trail and didn't look back from a long time  but  when I looked back 



I felt the intution of somone calling me, how little i knew it were the mountains. 

At the midway of our journey we are standing on the top of this mountain ane the view left me awestuck 


Raithal Village hanging on a mountain 

There is a temple of Nag Devatha on the top of this mountain, people of raithal believe it has presence of God there. You'd cross a coin tree on your way to Gui campsite in Dayara bugyal Trek that tree has a relation with this temple make sure you ask that to your trek guide and if possible do a short hike to this temple from Gui.  

I was somuch impressed with this beautiful crop cultivation method. This is how beautiful it is when human and nature coexist. 


Step Farming 

We definitely were late and our descend was a bit trick at few points. 


Man Made Trail

Few minutes of hike down the montain turned the path flatter and we reached base camp in 90 minutes. Definitely the extra 30 was worth it. I recommend you to try this trail when you are around Barsu or Raithal. I hope you enjoyed reading my 90 minutes of hike in 5 minutes. See you all next time until then enjoy few bonus pictures. 




















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