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Trekking on our own, independently, without a guide in 2023 season?

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Hello to all lovers of trekking! I am experienced mountain hiker from Europe, I have been trekking in Ladakh and Zanskar, also in Nepal several times. How does it work now in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand (Garhwal and Kumaon) and in Kashmir? Where can we go trekking now without a guide, on our own, independently DIY treks? Can I find the current conditions for foreigners somewhere please? Thank you very much for your usefull help, we are heading to India in May 2023. Pavel

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Hi Pavel

Nice to see your excitment about going for a high-altitude trek!

Unfortunately, the permissions for each state and region can vary.
There is still no standardised rule or policy established when it comes to DIY trekking.

At a few treks and places, there are mandatory requirements of taking a guide and in a few remote treks, you don't have this requirement.

I can suggest a few treks that you can look at for maybe during May 2023.
The treks of either Phulara Ridge or Ranthan Kharak would be good options to select if you are trekking on your own.

If you want to know more about DIY trekking with Indiahikes, you can reach out to me by filling out the form here - https://indiahikes.com/diy-treks

PS: You can also go through one of our trekkers who just came back from his trek a couple of days ago and sharing his experience on our Community forum - 


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Hello Suhas Saya,

Thanks a lot for your answer and suggestion,  Phulara Ridge trek seems pretty nice, this could be good hike for proper acclimatization.

"In a few remote treks, you don't have this requirement of taking a mandatory guide." - please can you kick off more about some of these remote treks?

We dont have any problem about carring full camping gear and supplies for a week or even more, thats actuali what we realy like about trekking.

Its possible hike solo Buran Ghati pass?


Thanks a lot for your help, It can be really helpfull for us

Best regartds,



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