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Life changing experience of Deoriatal Chandrashila

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Never did i imagine that I would trek a mountain and it can be the most life changing experience for me. Thank you @indiahikes, @lay, Manoj bhai, Niraj bhai and all the fellow trekkers of DC April 2023 in accompanying us through the summit. Deoriatal Chandrashila is one of the most beautiful trial path in the Kedarnath forest, bundled with thick pine, oak, maple and Rhododendron trees. Kedarnath forest also houses many kinds of birds, specially the himalayan monal. Lucky as we saw a few enroute. The forest is dense with many dry leaves fallen on the ground and the sound of walking on the bed of dry leaves and flowers is musical.

@indiahikes is the most professional and ethical organization i have come across for trekking. They take care of every little detail right from safety, sleeping tents, nutritional food, packing bags, pocket snacks on the trial and turning the entire group of trekkers into a family. My gratitude to the Cooking team of India hikes in all the camp sites. They woke up everyday at 3:00AM to cook the delicious meal for us in the chilling cold weather. The most trilling experience is the way the team believe in giving back to the nature and express their gratitude to mother nature. Green trials, Contraption system for washing, bio toilets, bio enzymes and lastly BYOB for food and water. Cannot forget the cleaning experience in the chilling weather with no lights and only chitter chatter from the fellow trekkers. The trek leaders are trained so well to handle any emergency situation with utmost calmness. Commendable.

Every trial we took on all the 5 days was unique and rugged. Day by day we became more resilient and accepted our way. On some days it was steep ascent, on others it was steep descent, crossing the river Akashkamini and on all this while, the mighty himalayan range of chowkhamba accompanying us like a mother walking along with her little child. Summit day was the most challenging and tested our endurance to the core. Waking up at 1AM, Starting the night trial at 2:30 AM in the moon light towards the never ending long path to Tungnath. It opens up the most adventerous path towards the summit - Chandrashila. Although its just a km from tungnath to the summit, the steep climb with the snow being hard and slippery made it more difficult to climb.

Ever grateful to the mountain which embraced despite many slips and falls, Manoj bhai, Niraj bhai and @lay_Naik to ensure everyone of us made it to the summit with great determination. The summit experience was the most emotional and a spiritual experience for me.

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