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Crevases on Gaumukh Tapovan

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Hi Everyone ,

I¬† am to Gaumukh Tapovan .So was searching abt it .There were certain articles that there are creavases in the trek routes .If yes can anyone from the Indian hikes or anyone who have recently been there inform us .It will be helpfull because they are really dangerous to one;s life and I do care abt mine ūüôā

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Hi Ayush 

I hope you are doing well!

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek begins from Gangotri, the route to Gaumukh has no challenges and also been taken by pilgrims. However, to reach Tapovan is the actual challenge on this trek. There are two routes to reach Tapovan : One route goes through the Gangotri Glacier which may have crevasses and the second route is through the bolder section to the rightside of Bhagirathi river just before the Gaumukh Glacier. Both the routes are challenging and people usually take any of the routes based on weather and snow conditions. It will be advisable if you check with the forest department for permissions(you need to contact the Uttarkashi Gangotri National Park division) before going on the trek. 

You can follow this itinerary https://indiahikes.com/gaumukh-tapovan?uid=gaumukh-tapovan#detailed-itinerary . We have been taking this route and it is safe 

Hope to see you in the mountains soon!

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