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Fitness Level for Buran Ghati

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Wanted to get a word of advice by those who have done the Buran Ghati trek. The regular check is 5km in 35 minutes, on most of the treks.

For Buran Ghati, on the trek page it says 10km in 60 minutes.

When I was registering, it said 5km in 30 minutes. So, I am not able to get the exact picture for how fit am I supposed to be.

I can do 5k in 30 minutes, and i know that 10k in 60 minutes will obviously be the best bet. however, i dont have much time left to prepare for 10k in 60 with 30 days left.

Any advice from experienced/beginner/noob trekkers on how to approach this, is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Shreyas, having done the Rupin Pass trek last year (a similar trek to Buran Ghati) with IH, the key criteria was to run 5k in 32 minutes. I checked the Buran Ghati fitness criteria, which shows the same condition. We also had to share a monthly summary of the runs we did, which we had to upload to our account alongside the 5k-in-32 screenshot.

Is the 10k-in-60 also mentioned as a mandatory requirement? I think that is a target suggested for the trekkers to ensure they successfully complete a trek without any issues whatsoever. To my knowledge, it wasn't compulsory for the Buran Ghati and Rupin Pass treks last year. Please do reach out to your Experience Coordinator for any assistance.

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