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Hampta pass trek

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If I am choosing my trek days to be from 21st July to 27th July. I should book my return tickets from chandigarh on 28th of July right? Do trekkers leave on 28th or on 27th itself for their return journey. And for the onward journey I should be reaching the 15Mil by 7am on 21st of july. Do trekkers usually reach on 21st itself or reach Manali on 20th. And what if I reach Manali on 21st a little early as per my flight and bus schedule say 5AM, where does one stay for that gap of 2 to 3 hours?

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Hi Chavi, 

Yes, most trekkers book their flights back a day after, unless they  want to explore Manali further. 

And for arrival, it is recommended that you reach a day before the pick up since the trek is quite difficult and it is good to be well rested before your trek. 

If you wish to bathe or sleep you can book the Fursat hostel near the Sarsai Basecamp. If you just need to freshen up, you can do it at the Sarsai Basecamp. 

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