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Which is your favorite trek?

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It was a sunset time at Tilandi Campsite in Brahmatal trek. in 360 degree view, i can see no much blues in sky from our tent. And our trek leader planned for a sunset view from near by top. Once we reached the top, to our west was the sunset view and to the right was the Mt.Nanda ghunti. The view of the Mount with the crisp snow on top covering was a magestic view. It was very special.

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Sandakphu Phalut Trek : Sabalgram campsite, you see the sunrise . The first rays of sun falling on sleeping Buddha range, the alpen glow. Behind yourself you see Mt Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Chomo Lonzo  and Mt. Lhotse standing together and change in  the colour as the rays fall on them and it doesn’t end here. On the same day we reach Aal which is the next campsite, the sunset there is mesmerising there over the sheet of clouds. 

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Nafran Valley Trek: Probably this is the Kashmir trek with the most variety, and most of the trek is not that difficult (except the summit day to Harbhagwan Lake). It has beautiful forest sections on first two days and the last day with pine, fir, maple, silver birch throughout. You get to see a lot of flowers in the lush green meadows. Then comes the meadows of Shul Margi, Bhaj Margi, Arram Pathri, Nafran Valley, Harnag-Harbhagwan Valley and many more small meadows and clearings leading up to Aru on the last day. Both the lakes Harnag and Harbhagwan are fantastic. You get to cross Harnag Pass and the witness Harnag spread across the valley. Harnag is probably the bluest lake I have seen in the 6 different treks that I have done in Kashmir. Harbhagwan on the other has a unique milky blue colour and is very secluded. Only other lake in Kashmir that I have seen such colour is Sheeshnag. Apart from this, you get to camp below one tail of the Kolahoi Glacier. The peak of Mt Kolahoi is visible from the summit and is quite close (though the view of the entire mountain is better from Tarsar Marsar trek). You also come across a steep and long boulder section on the way to summit, which makes it exciting as well. You get to experience several exciting river crossings. The water of Nafran Nala from Arram Pathri and below has a unique milky white colour. Also, you get to see some rugged terrain leading towards Ladakh and some other peaks in the vicinity like the Amarnath Peak. The campsites are some of the best ones you will get on any trek.

Above all,  the seclusion makes it more appealing. You will rarely come across other people on this trek. Only you might come across some local shepherds (mostly till Arram Pathri) and Bakarwals who come all the way from Rajouri district in Jammu division. 

Though Kashmir Great is a extremely beautiful and one of my favourites as well. But too many people doing it and after 3rd day the trek becoming a bit monotonous, makes me choose Nafran Valley trek over KGL.

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not even a minute would go by without admiring the beautiful creation of God. You do 3 high altitude passes, you visit 11 high altitude lakes, one secret hidden lake if you're for and on time. You see war creators on the way, you meet soulful and humble gujjars camping in one of the most serene flat clearings. Finally last day a walk to remember on a proper trail with woods and birds surrounded. 

Best time to do this trek is from June to August. 

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