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How to acclimatize faster on mountains

Sahil Malik

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  • Make sure that you are fit enough, and then a little more
  • Drink atleast 4 litres of water every day for 2 weeks before the trek. Maintain or increase during trek
  • Slack off on intense physical workouts 3 days prior. Eat extra carbs to fuel up.
  • Make sure you hydrate well on the trek
  • Avoid consuming outside food or going out too much the week prior to your trek - don't tire yourself out basically...
  • Reach your pick up point a day early - don't do crazy touristy things though!
  • Don't skip meals on the trek - mountain food is AMAZING!
  • Eat local foods as much as you can - Nature has made them for that climate and weather, don't ruin what could be an incredible food with things like instant noodles.
  • Maintain a slow, consistent walking pace. No need to rush to the front to show off - the view is going to be the same for everyone

I've attached a research paper, you might find it useful 🙂

Happy trekking!

Nutrition and Altitude.pdf

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Has anyone ever tried Shilajit to help with the acclimatization process?  I've read about it online and came across anecdotal evidence showing that it works. It's a very powerful medicine in Ayurveda, and has been used for hundreds of years by people living in the Himalayan region to help with symptoms high altitude sickness. 

PLEASE NOTE: I'M NOT A DOCTOR, AND THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.  I'm just sharing what I've come across. Consult your doctor before taking anything, and do your own research. Do not use this as a replacement for the life-saving medication that actually cures AMS, HACE, and HAPE.






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In treks conducted by Indiahikes, you almost always get black tea/hot water first thing every morning. I have seen quite a few trekkers skip this to grab some extra sleep. From my personal experience, I would advise everyone to drink as much as you can before you start your trek - Black tea, Milk Tea or even warm water. Hydration is one of the best ways to acclimitize naturally and during your trek you may not always have ready water sources or may not always remember to drink water. Hence, try maximizing your fluid intake right at the start, which will certainly help.

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Hello Everyone!

I believe there is no faster way to acclimatize. Your body takes it own time to acclimatize. 

I have prepared an ACRONYM to remember the natural ways to get acclimatized faster. It is HELPER

H- Hydrate  (Drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday on trek)

E- Eat Well  (Do not skip any meal of the day! It is going to give you the required energy to trek. Have nutritious food.)

L- Layer Up (As soon as you reach campsite, layer up yourself. Cover your extremities- Head, fingers and feet. The idea is to layer when you are not feeling cold as we have to trap the body heat)

P- Pace Up (DO NOT pace up on the trail. You are on a trek, not a race. Find your rhythm and trek at your own, but steady pace)

E- Eat Well (I am telling this again because of the importance it holds)

R- Rest Well (Take proper rest to recover your body from fatigue-ness of day's trek)

The idea of this acronym is that you have to be your own HELPER in mountains. If you do not help yourself, no one is going to help you. :)


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