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Which trek should be my first trek?

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Hey everyone,

Firstly, it is so wonderful to see an exclusive platform for trekking queries 😊 thank you Indiahikes!

So I am planning to go on a trek some time in Feb or March 2023 and this will be my first time. I Haven't done any Himalayan trek before. Small day treks and weekend treks around Bangalore I have done though. I am confused because every trek that I see on Indiahikes website looks amazing and I want to do all of them 😁 So can't decide. Pls suggest. TIA

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I agree with Amit. You have good time to prepare yourself so register for a trek for Feb / March and start preparing. Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, deoriatal chandrashila could be other options. I will suggest first try with 11K or 12K altitude trek. And if you can't handle cold then April-May would be good time.


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For the first-time trekkers, I always suggest the Hampta Pass trek, if you're willing to go in the summers. It's such a grandeur of a trek and not too difficult either. For winters, you can go for Sandakphu Phalut or Kuari Pass. The views from the summits of these treks are absolutely breathtaking and will make it all worth it! Kedarkantha can be a good option too, but come winters, the trail gets way too crowded at times.

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