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Sunday Debate - Safety on high altitude treks


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Just a few days ago, during the weekend, I came across this newspaper article about trekking.
Times had put up a half page article on safety and some very pertinent points to be thought of by all the stakeholders involved in trekking.

As I was reading this article, I was reflecting back on all the values that we stand for at Indiahikes.
The importance of Safety, Sustainability and the entire spirit of trekking of how we see trekking. 

I was also very curious to post this here on the Community Forum and hear what other trekkers have to say when trekking is growing so rapidly in our country...

Do share your personal thoughts on this particular topic which the author has put down.

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Hi Suhas, this is a very illuminating article...

Sharing the link here because it's difficult to read the newspaper clipping - https://m.timesofindia.com/times-special/why-the-treks-become-killing-literally/amp_articleshow/94409470.cms

As someone who has  done treks with Indiahikes and do it yourself style, i would say that being aware and educated is the most important thing you need to have before going on any trek, be it local or Himalayan... I lost a friend's friend to HAPE at goechala a couple years ago . He had done Brahmatal and a couple of other high altitude treks before that. However he went with a local organiser who did not have the safety precautions and necessary equipment that you need for a 16k feet trek. So the importance of education and awareness became very evident to me ....

Indiahikes is doing a remarkable job of trying to empower everyone who wants to trek with a multitude of resources to help them understand what a trek entails 🙂



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