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Recommendations: Shops in delhi for trekking gear, decathlon alternatives .


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First, this forum is great idea! thanks so much

I found this shop on google: Trekking equipments, in kalkaji delhi.  Its not mine.  I haven't bought much from them, but they have lots of variety in trekking pants.

Owner is very honest guy - you will find the same review in lots of google reviews. He himself tells - this is a first copy, this one is a generic piece with no guarantee.  They also have some really high quality stuff. Prices are fairly decent. Cheaper than decathlon.

Some examples: A regular trekking pant - 1100 + . A high quality winter trekking pant: 2500

Also got very light Rs 400 dry-fit/gym t-shirt.

They are not online. Which is not a bad thing. Size can vary a lot between brands. Specially if its a copy, which  can also be really good quality stuff.


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Also you can visit Azad Nagar Market in Delhi.. it is kind of wholesale market and you will get almost every required and necessary gears & accessories for treking that all at very very reasonable pricing.

Do check multiple stores there because some items are comparatively cheaper with with eachother there.

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