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Unable to rent or buy on Indiahikes Store

Arka Roy

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  • Indiahikes Admin changed the title to Unable to rent or buy on Indiahikes Store

Hi all, I'm facing some  issues on IH store since yesterday.

The rental website (Using same account linked to IH there)

1) asked me to RE- Cancel an old order from August ( it was already cancelled) and 

2) says all the products listed on website, across sizes are out of stock.

I find both instances quite odd.

Could the right rep from IH have this  checked out please? I'm going on a Kedarkantha Trek in Nov and would like to rent some stuff 

Thanks much! 

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10 hours ago, Random said:


I can only see shoes and a few other items on the indiahikes rental site. I'm going to Kedarkantha in Jan and was wondering if you have jackets and every other gear needed for the trek.



We have not opened the rental for the month of January yet. We usually do so about a month ago. Please check back in December. You will find jacket, trek poles, shoes, headlamp, poncho, backpack.

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10 hours ago, Shirish said:

when will the trek poles be available for kedarkanth trek o- the date is 30th October 2022



HI Shirish

We have already opened the rentals for  Kedarkantha for 30th October. If trek pole is not available that means all the stock is completely booked out.  We won't be adding more stock for October.

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On 10/20/2022 at 8:15 PM, Ritesh Chaturvedi said:

Do India hikes have sufficient numbers of gears for rent ? Also I don’t see all the items are available as of now.

Hi Ritesh


You need to login first, post whihc you will be able to see all the rental gears avaialable for your specific trek.

Also, rentals are subject to availability.  I advise you book your gears as soon as they are put up on the website which is usually one month prior.

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On 12/1/2022 at 7:31 PM, Priya Satra said:


I am going ali bedni bugyal trek from 1st - 6th january and wish to rent gear. But I am unable to do so as there are very few items and all of them show -  "the selected block is not available" . 

when will the gear be available ?

HI Priya,


We open rentals on the 1st of previous month. Please check the website now to see all the available renting gear for the month of January.

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