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Story behind a successful hampta pass summit

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Hampta pass was my second Himalayan trek and first trek with Indiahikes .I was really excited for it and had prepared well for it taking help from my experience coordinator .I felt sick on the second day of the trek as soon as we reached the camp site

I was very worried as there were still 2 days for the summit  ,I informed my trek leader regarding my sickness and took medicines and rested well for that evening, shyam ji and karan ji took good care of me that evening and specially my food.

Both the guides accompanied me on the next day when they saw me I was sometimes last in the group. Karan ji made me walk with him right in the front with him  ,sometimes I was in the middle and sometimes right at the end where shyam ji would accompany me with his talks and stories of the mountains and I somehow manged to reach the third camp site.

 I was still not feeling well and was worried about summit the next day  but somehow the third day also passed by .On the day of the summit I started the day keeping summit in my mind .Since my energy was completely drained I thought of giving up most of the time looking at the ascent and snow but I kept pushing myself ,the guides really motivated me and also accompanied me when I  was right behind  the group. As the ascent was getting steeper and lot of snow on the trail my legs were going deep in snow and it was difficult for me to walk ,karan ji accompanied me till the break point (start of hampta pass )since I was the  last person to reach.After the break time we were all set to cross the last stretch of the pass  Karan ji informed shyam ji to take me right infront along with him .

Shyma ji saw I was really struggling to speed up with others so he holded my hand like a small kid and made me to walk with him till we reached the Hampta Pass Summit so that I will never get the feeling that I am last to reach the summit.

It was really emotional moment for me ,the summit which seemed impossible to me was made possible by these two pillars and never felt that I struggled so much and lagged behind the group.

We started descend after we crossed the pass ,I walked in my own pace through out the descent as  I was still super exhausted ,Shyam ji accompanied me for the entire decent trail .As we were reaching the camp site  Shyam ji  saw that I could  not even walk properly ,he asked me to give my bag to him and walk slowly and comfortably .

Not only this karan ji made me cross second freezing water stream along with him right first of group. Every morning both the guides used to come to my  tent and ask me about my health  ,not only that they provided me with  hot water ,ginger water and black tea whenever I asked .Both of them took equal care of me on the trail and the campsites.

This trek would have not been possible for me  to complete without these two pillars .All kudos to shyam ji and karan ji for making my dream trek a reality.

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