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Madmaheswar trek

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The trek is not tough. The last road head is Ransi. Agtoli Dhar is too close to Ransi so not worth stopping there. One can easily make it to Nanu. 

Ransi to Gaundhar the trek is downhill, then it climbs up slowly to Bantoli. You can stop at Upper Bantoli or Nanu on the way. Bantoli has better stay options (Home stay) as compared to Nanu which is very basic. 

The climb from Bantoli onwards is steep and steeper from Nanu onwards. But it is a beautiful walk through the forests with a good track. The first view of Madhmaheshwar is breathtaking.

Do take the effort to go up to Budh Madhmaheshwar for spectacular views (about 45 min trek up from Madhmaheshwar)


A waterfall on the way from Ransi to Gaunghar20211002_061633.thumb.jpg.e6f41cf5de8d3e516703a7228a3329aa.jpg

Homestay at Nanu


A small shop in a tent making lime juice and tea on the way from Nanu to Madhmaheshwar! At about an hour or two. I first thought he is a baba in a tent 🙂 He made some amazing Lime juice for us! 


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Hi Sudipta

The trek of Madmaheshwar can be definitely done on your own.
It is a good trek for fit beginners.

Doing the trek in one day might be a bit too tight.
You would miss out on a lovely experience of camping and capturing the mountain is true beauty.

If you have the luxury, then keeping 2-3 day itinerary is always better.
Otherwise, it will be too much rushed for you to enjoy the trek.

You can actually go through the complete trek information here - https://indiahikes.com/madmaheshwar-trek

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