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Dayara Bugyal Trek (with Siyari Bugyal included)

Atrijit Das

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Indiahikes recommended that the dayara bugyal trek is incomplete if you don't go to siyari bugyal via devkund. 

So I want to include that in my itinerary for trekking in October. But I can't find a lot of information on the Siyari Bugyal route. How far is it from Dayara Bugyal? Are there any campsites there? How long does it take to descend from siyari bugyal to barsu/raithal?

Information regarding distances, camping sites, time taken would be great.

Here is the current itinerary my friend and I are thinking of:

Day 0:  Reach Raithal from Delhi and spend the night at homestay

Day 1: Trek from Raithal to just the beginning of Dayara and camp there (not on the meadows, some distance beneath it).

Day 2: Reach Dayara top. And then take the route via Devkund towards Siyari. (This is where we are unsure of where we can camp and spend the night).

Day 3: Descend from siyari via Barnala lake

Any suggestions?

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Hi Atrijit

Your itinerary needs a mild tweaking. 

Day 1: Raithal to Chilapada. Camp at Chilapada or upper Chilapada. This is just below the meadows. 

Day 2: Chilapada to Siyari via Dayara. This is going to be a long day. So I would recommend camping at Devkund to get the best of Dayara. Though there's a direct route from the edges of Dayara meadows to Devkund, I would recommend doing a good Dayara circuit and then taking the trail to Devkund (behind Dayara summit that Indiahikes climbs). 

Day 3: Devkund to Siyari and further on to Pichkiya. Camp at Pichkiya. While you can call at Siyari, water could be a problem. Move down all the way to Pichkiya where is a lovely clearing and good water source. It is also warmer and more comfortable at Pichkiya. 

Day 4: Pichkiya to Barsu village. End the trek at Barsu. From Barsu drive down to Doon the same day. You can get a vehicle to pick you up if arranged in advance. 

Note: there's no trail from Siyari to Barnala unless you retrace your steps. What I've suggested is a circular trail that gives more variety. 



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