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Post-trek blues...

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When I was trekking my needs were very few.. to reach campsite, to eat, to sleep, protect head and feet from cold... had only one purpose .. which is to reach summit.. simple reasons to feel happy.. water source, sun has come out, grass, flat place to sleep.. and I was happy.. this is enough..but post trek it was all gone as I entered into city there was this cloud of tiredness.. would last for 2 days .. sometimes 2 weeks

I would say the hardest part of  trekking is not the summit..its after the trek ends

My first trek experience was emotionally intense experience..it was too raw for me to handle. I had lost my sense of self..  I didn't know who I was.. I grieved so much at the airport that I missed my flight. And I am proud that I gave myself that time  to really feel the sadness..gave the priority over that flight..


It pained me so much..   as if I've gone through a break-up , shit I didn't even know I liked trekking that much all this time!!

It's funny remember but I was listening to Sad songs .and looking at the pictures of mountains.. like Devdas 😄...as if something left me.. and yes, There's  a melancholy of loss.. loss of simplicity in real life..


1. I really felt I have lot of physical and mental energy every time I put effort in something.  I could push it more.. walk for 12kms instead of 10.. do more dishes.. bend my knees more.. 


2. I couldn't afford to have a lazy Sunday binging in front of TV


3. I had tendency to retreat from emotionally stimulating/ pleasurable experiences.. 


4. Having shallow of conversations outside in normal world would take a toll on me...almost feeling of getting killed by someone


5. The mental banter had reduced... which meant ..I could listen more ... the bird chirping.. the pauses between words.. horns sound, sound of moving trees, child crying in background,


5. My dreams were vivid.. and more intense and felt more real..


I spoke to some TLs and they said its common..  some said start writing.. painting..  dancing.. talk to friends... And I would say there's no perfect formula ... every experience is unique and every time I have to find something that works for me.. there's no perfect formula to completely skip these blues.. I believe .. the only way is through it.. by really feel the feelings.. 



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