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Request IH to provide route alternates on the HKD trek


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I just got back from the Har-Ki-Dun trek with Indiahikes. Due to some circumstances our route/itinerary had to be modified to skip Ruinsara Lake and instead do the Maninda/Morinda Tal instead. I have been researching on this trek for a while, and wanted to share some feedback regarding this.

While Ruinsara adds some variety to this trek (without which the to and from routes are almost idetifical), it adds a lot of distance to the trek. The last 3 successively days are quite long. Further, you do not get to spend a lot of time at the main destination - Har Ki Dun valley view points. 

Given this, I would recommend that IH offers a plain vanilla Har-Ki-Dun trek for folks who want a simple, not too long, not too tough a trek. Also, if IH can offer a Har-Ki-Dun + Maninda Tal option, it would be even better. This route can acutually help reduce the distances on each day,  and also offers trekkers a view of the Har Ki Dun valley twice (morning on the way to Maninda tal and afternoon on the way back to Boslo campsite) and only while carrying a day-pack. Believe me, it would be completely worth it.

  • Day 1: Sankri/Kotgaon to Taluka to Gangaad
  • Day 2: Gangaad to Kalkatiyadhar
  • Day 3: Kalkatiyadhar to Boslo
  • Day 4: Day trek from Boslo to Har-Ki-Dun to Maninda Tal and back
  • Day 5: Descent from Boslo to Gangaad (via Osla)
  • Day 6: Descent from Gangaad to Taluka and drive to Sankri/Kotgaon

This itinerary would be a lot more well-spaced, not-too-long and much easier than the existing Har-Ki-Dun + Ruinsara Tal route, which could also be offerred to  trekkers who are willing to trek longer distances.

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Hi Sachin,

I appreciate you writing to us about this. It's true that Har ki dun, without Ruinsara, becomes very monotonous & doesn't add variety. Thus, we have added the Ruinsara Valley in the trek itinerary. 

The reason why we do not add Maninda Tal in general is because it isn't as beautiful as Ruinsara. We used to do Maninda Tal earlier and from our experience, this new variety is added. Also, camping at Devsu is a beautiful experience across the valley. 

Keeping the distance in mind, we have now started camping in Swaradhara or Untigad. This makes it easier to do go to Ruinsara & brings a totally new element in your trek.

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