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From Start to End

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Hi Friends, 

I am planning for trek from years but don't know how to start.. 

Can anyone help me with his/her experience like.. 

Before trek activity 

Day 1) I have taken train to reach XYZ location, then from there I stayed at ABC place 

Day 2) how I start my trek 

Day3, 4,5,9) what we did in trek? Where we stayed.? Facilities like food, washroom, safety, problem with health, rain, snow, exhausted etc

Day 10) How I end my trek

I will be very Thankful to you all


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Just did my first trek. Always wanted to but was full of fears. 
just signed up for what looked easier than others on the website. 
Then started my fitness journey over 2 months.
going with the India hikes team means you don’t have to plan anything at all.

just go as per  what they say 

The whole idea is not having to plan anything and have a team handle it all 






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