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What are your thoughts on the Hiking speed with IH

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Whenever I have trekked with non - IH operators, I have observed that the IH trekkers (mostly youngsters) & their trek leaders are zooming past me without taking time to absorb the beautiful scenery. This requirement of high speed that IH prefers to go from 1 campsite to another like a race has always stopped me from signing up for a IH trek. Howz the experience been for others?

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Hi Raga, I have not trekked with other companies so I will not be able to compare them, however IH trek leaders are pretty chilled out. The trek leaders are very sensible and they always encourage trekkers to slow their pace. I remember my trek leader's mantra "Slow and Steady". In-fact, one of the trekker from our group was super slow and the trek leader was constantly checking up with the trekker to ensure that everything is fine.

Plus we took plenty of photographs, enjoyed every bit of nature, participated in couple of activities and many other things. 

My overall experience was very good.


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My experience with Indiahikes so far in the treks I have done with them has been quite positive. In both the treks I did, we got ample time and opportunity to stop and absorb the scenery and take photographs. The trek leaders also made sure to pause at different points in the trek and show us something unique about the place which were always interesting. At times, there were trekkers who were feeling unwell and couldn't maintain the same pace as others, but the leaders made sure to accompany them, no matter how far they fall back behind the group. Sometimes, the trek or the route for the day requires you to maintain a certain pace, lest you got majorly delayed and reach the campsite late evening, tired like hell.

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