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Carrying Heavyweight backpack or luggage on a trek

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My name is Priyanka. I wanted to ask you if the person who is a beginner who never know much about the difficulty while trekking  with trekking bag in mountains who's  weight will be around 20kg approximately. Such beginners can complete the treks or they give up  in the middle of the  trek?




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No one carries 20Kg trekking bags in mountains. Even trek leaders bag weigh around 15-16 Kgs.

It's recommended to carry 8-10 Kg at the most if you want to enjoy the trek.

You may offload your bags to mules or porters for a start and later after one trek, try carrying your bag.

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Agree with Vikrant here. Even though extra luggage can be offloaded to mules, I wouldn't recommend packing more than 10kgs in any scenario.

If packed wisely, your bag including change of clothes, trekking gears, food items etc would ideally weigh around 8kgs for a 7 day trek. Do not overpack as you will not be able to enjoy the trek. Research the trek conditions well or reach out to the trek coordinators to understand what is essential for the trek and what can be left behind at home. That'll help you pack better.  

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Points below will help you out carrying your backpack

1. Carry only the necessary gears. Follow the gear checklist strictly. Ideal weight of your backpack should be 7-9kgs. 

2. Use all the straps of your backpack very efficiently. Waist straps, lift loaders etc will help you carrying your backpack 

3. At home, try carrying you backpack with 6-7kgs of weight. You can do stairs climbing with backpack. Get use to carrying the backpack at home. 

4. For begginers first day is always the tough one. Don't give up. It will get easier from the 2nd day.

5. Choose easy treks like Dayara Bugyal, Deorital Chandrashila as your first trek.

Watch this video, it will help you out  carrying you backpack 👇


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Packing list is there on IH website for each and every trek. If you follow that, weight should be less than 10kg onmost treks if not all.

But sometimes even after following that checklist, I ended up carrying more than 10 kg. Later realised that I was carrying cotton t-shirts, thick sweatshirts instead of quick dry ones which weigh way less. Same with track pants, carry quick dry ones and only limited pairs and not one for every day. Also, for the winter layers and jackets, prefer light weight ones. Basically invest or rent which not only serve the purpose, but are also lightweight. Makes a huge difference.

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