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2 treks in May


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Hello All,

I am from Pune and have trekked Dayara Bugyal, Sandakphu and Buran Ghati with my 12 year old.

As the vacation days are restricted and travel from Pune to North is lengthy and costly Im thinking of doing 2 treks in May 2023, separated by 1 week of break.

Does it sound feasible and are there any suggestions on which might those be - like a moderate and mod-difficult, which one should be done first and any other points to consider ?

From my first glance it could be Har ki Dun and Rupin pass but my last trek was BG so will it be too similar ?

Let me know - thoughts , comments , suggestions..



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Hi Dipali

If you are planning for two treks, then I would suggest looking at Phulara Ridge and then followed by either Har Ki Dun or Rupin Pass.
If its Rupin Pass, you will have to travel to Himachal Pradesh after completing the trek.

Even though Har Ki Dun and Phulara start from the same base camp, this option will give you a good variety and also a much needed rest.
You can even think of exploring the local villages and region for a few days much better this way. I would do this.

With your question of Buran Ghati and Rupin, both these treks are very unique and wont be similar.
We have covered this topic in a very interesting article here - https://indiahikes.com/buran-ghati-vs-rupin-pass-which-to-choose

These would be my thoughts. Hope it helps 🙂

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