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Treks needed all over India

Ramana Prasad

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35 minutes ago, Ramana Prasad said:

Hi, I see that most of your treks are in the North India in the Himalayas making them somewhat one dimensional.  Can you organize some treks in the other regions of the country as well especially in wildlife sanctuaries and/or rainforests. 

I agree with Ramana.  Totallyy!!  There are amazing wildlife sanctuaries in India. With my experience of trekking in sanctuaries and national parks in Thailand, I always used to wonder why we can't do so in our own national parks and sanctuaries.. it would be great if a renowned company like India Hikes start organizing these...


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I agree with your points. The Indian Himalayas have beautiful forest sections and brilliant mount views. But like you said, India is blessed with diverse landscapes and terrains outside of Himalayas as well.

There is a trek in the Guru Ghasidas National Park in Chhattisgarh. I feel this is a trek that you are looking for: Chhattisgarh Jungle Trek - The Jungle Book Trek (indiahikes.com)

Once you go through the trek details, share your thoughts about the trek. 


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