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Weekend Treks in Karnataka

Najz Naijo

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I happen to read the "The Complete Guide To Kodachadri Trek" by Mr. Suhas Saya and it seems really appealing to me. It would be really great if Indiahikes are planning to start this trek. Eagerly waiting to see fellow trekkers interested in Kodachadri Trek organized by Indiahikes.


Article by Mr. Suhas Saya is available in Indiahikes website and I am attaching a link to the same here.


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Yesterday, my wife and son did the Makalidurga trek near Bangalore. It was a family DIY.  Excellent experience! The place is easily found and trail well marked and entire area is very clean.  As first time trekkers - preparing for Himalayan treks in summer - we found some portions a bit challenging but overall the experience was fantastic.  For our level, I've identified Bidarakatte as the next easy one for us.  All details are there on https://www.karnatakaecotourism.com/    And, you have to register online for passes. 

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Hi Vivek

There are plenty of treks to choose from if you are planning for a trek during the weekend.

If you are planning for treks in Karantaka, you can find the list of treks here - https://indiahikes.com/state?name=Karnataka
Our Trek Library should keep you busy for a few months 🙂

We also have a selected list of trek around Bangalore - https://indiahikes.com/best-trekking-places-near-bengaluru

If you want to hear to some of the highlights and insights from these treks, you can find a video to watch -

Do share your experience once you are back from a trek. Good luck! 🙂

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Hi Najz

Good to know that you went through the trek documentation and felt like going on the trek.
The trek is an absolute beauty and now is a great time in Oct to go on this trek. 

As Indiahikes, we do not organise trekking to Kodachadri. 
We have documented with the intention to help trekkers exploring and doing treks on their own

If you are looking for a trek over the weekend where we run, you can check out our Southern Campus program.
We have dates for both Family group or if you are register solo/in a group - https://indiahikes.com/channarayana-durga-weekend-trek

 PS: It was a pleasant surprise to see my name here 🙂

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