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Do it yourself treks (DIY)

Bhavik Shah

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Hi everyone, 

Just thought to share and check with fellow trekkers about their views/ opinions on DIY style of trekking. 

1. When do you think one can think of a DIY trek in Himalayas? Like after having sound experience of 4-5 treks or so or even 1-2 Himalayan treks would do?

2. When it comes to DIY first timers, have seen they ask for atleast a co trekker who is willing to join and participate. I mean people hesitate to go alone for their first DIY trek atleast. (please correct me if I am wrong)

3. Can some communities / groups be formed via platforms like IH trek communities where people can start their journey of DIY treks, share experience, dos and dont's and primarily share the DIY trek that they wish to go for, so that a like minded and interested person can join them too if they plan for 3-4 people DIY style trek.😀

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We have planned a Do it yourself trek in mid October 2022 to Phulara Rridge Trek in Uttrakhand.

Interested like minded people are welcomed to join us, we are currently 2 people, preferable group upto 6-8members.

We are expected to reach Dehradun on 16th of October early in morning.

For further details feel free to connect with me.

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